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Each business is different, and your business has its own unique challenges. Don't tackle these challenges alone. Let me help you and show you ways to save time and maximize your work. I will teach you how to fish, and you will gain new skills and take on the next challenge.

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Web Development
WP Super Cache on f1-micro on Google Cloud​ 100%
Install Varnish on Apache 100%
Setup mod_rewrite with WP Super Cache​ 100%
Generate and automate SSL certificate renewal 100%
Deploy on Google Compute Engine 100%
Load testing on severs 100%
Revenue Forecasting with Google Sheets and Google Cloud Prediction​ 100%
Optimize CPC campaigns (Adwords) 100%
Optimize on page SEO 100%
Website scraping​ 100%
Content strategy for social media accounts (up to 20k followers) 100%